Red Toon Letters (Pt. 7): The Bridge Game

September 1943

Amphibious Training Base

Little Creek, Virginia


My Dearest,

Have been very busy lately for a change. This so far has been a very interesting job but gets tiresome. Long hours of tearing here and there in a small boat under a broiling sun or a driving rain shouting your head off at other small boats gets to be quite a strain. Through a series of misunderstandings I was marooned on the beach night before last from dark to two o’clock in the morning most of the time in a downpour of cold rain while wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt. What a wet cold miserable human being I was. After a shower aboard ship I “crawled in” and slept until darned near noon the next day went out again all afternoon and fairly roasted under the blazing sun. It’s all good fun though.

I’ve finally been relieved of my job as Mess Caterer. That job is only supposed to last three months & I’ve had it nearly six simply because I hadn’t put in a howl. Joe McDevitt has the job and he’s howling already. We’ve had a lot of fun kidding him about it saying that’s what he gets for griping so loudly about his food. There shouldn’t be any more classes in recognition now either and maybe censorship will be lifted soon so I shouldn’t have anything much to do.

The bridge tournament isn’t over now but it may as well be for Heybeck & I. We won three straight then lost three straight and have two more to play. It looks like Robinson & Hubona have it pretty well cinched with over 10,000 points. The difference is what is figured.

I got your letter about Janice. I am very much concerned about her but not at all about the possibility of living somewhere besides the mid-west. I would like very much to live in the Lake States or Florida or the west and wouldn’t be afraid to go anywhere and start over from scratch as long as I can be with you!

How do you like those clippings and plans? I thought they might be nice for a home idea scrapbook.

                                                                                                       All my love


The members of Red’s bridge group were familiar names to us: Heybeck, Robinson, Hubona. They were officers who would soon complete their training and serve together on Leon. We have some information on each of the them (and several others) drawn from Leon’s August 31, 1944, Log entries. We are also pleased to display pictures of Heybeck, Robinson, and Hubona (among others) from the Toon Family Collection. If you know these young officers, i.e., if one is your Dad, your granddad or your uncle, we would like to hear from you. Let’s work together to tell their stories!

The first photograph below includes Lt. George A. Robinson (left) and Lt. (jg) Frank D. Heybeck. Robinson was Leon’s Debarkation Officer and an “L”   Division Officer. He was from Key West, FL. Heybeck (Red’s bridge partner) was a Watch Officer, Assistant Navigator, and “N” Division Officer. He was from Harrington, IL. This picture was probably taken during a watch shift aboard the Leon somewhere in the Pacific.


Lt. George A. Robinson and Lt. (jg) Frank D. Heybeck


The last player in their foursome was Lt. Michael Hubona from Charlottesville, VA. He was an Engineering Watch and “A” Division Officer.  He is shown on the right in the group picture below. Along with Hubona are Lt. (jg) Robert T. L. Jones (left), Engineering Watch Officer and “M” Division Officer from Sanatorium, NC, and Ensign Bob P. Roberts, Asst. First Division Officer, from Fort Madison, IA.


We can’t vouch that Robinson and Hubona won that bridge game, but Red sure  thought they were a cinch.